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Teen Wolf AU - Seraphim!Stiles Pt 1

When Kate kidnaps Derek she hopes to lures Stiles away from the safety of the pack, because hitting Derek where it hurts has always been a pleasured past time and Kate knows the sordid details of their not so secret affair. 

What she doesn’t know: Stiles doesn’t exactly come alone. The Angel piggy backing on his meat suit has grown a bit attached, and he’s a sentimental sort of sucker, gunning for the young love between these half humans.

Stiles hears his name like an echo and he stops short at the door to a small dark room he thought had been empty. He squats in front of an old tv monitor laid out like an omen and he sees in the distorted lens Derek, half naked and chained. 

He feels the simmer in his chest, the one that had felt raw and untamed at the beginning, but it’s settled now, controlled, and He waits. 

Being a child of the Seraphim hadn’t been easy at first…it was a panic attack on repeat and overdrive when He would take over, and Stiles would fight with everything against the loss of control. 

But there had been times, when Stiles found himself shutting down willingly, it was like sleepwalking sometimes, like daydreaming in Technicolor.

It got easier, the more they bonded, and the fonder they grew of one another and the open affection both of them showed for Derek until it settled into something that wasn’t particularly ordinary, sure, but it worked.

Gabriel was pretty awesome sometimes. 

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