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Okay, so Stiles has a secret. It’s no big deal. It’s not like he remembers to how to shift, anyway. Hasn’t been able to do it since his mom died. Memories of running around four-legged with her, chasing her fluffy tail, pouncing in the snow— they’re all kind of hazy, now, and Stiles almost would think that they weren’t real, just half-remembered dreams from his imagination.

Then in sophomore year Scott gets bit by a werewolf, and suddenly the supernatural is all very real. Things get hectic for awhile, and it isn’t until Matt fucking Daehler asks Stiles what he can turn into when Stiles remembers. 

He tells Matt it’s a seasonal thing, of course, makes something up about an abominable snowman, but his heart is racing and Stiles wondering if he gets out of this ridiculous situation alive if he could still do it. 

Stiles gets out of the sheriff’s station alive, and then there’s ridiculousness with a kanima and an Alpha pack and he never really has time to try and figure out if he can still do this.

The fox thing, that is.

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i took a HUGE bit of my sandwich and then of course the doorbell rings and my dad isn’t around. So I open the door and it’s my uncle to look at doing some work on the kitchen

and I literally had no fucking clue where my dad was. He just suddenly disappeared. He was outside but it was like ‘did he get abducted by aliens??’

have you tried quickly swallowing a mouthful of bread and cheese? not fun. 

chrodoara asked:
I totally want that jerking off on the deck fic too, though in my head it's Stiles not Derek. And Derek would be totally flustered and unsure how to tell Stiles that he can see//hear him and tries really hard to give Stiles privacy whenever it happens but he can't help looking sometimes

omg yes this so much 

so much

and stiles finding out months down the road that derek is a werewolf and then he suddenly has an epiphany the next time he’s thinking about jerking off outside and he’s like…oh my god.

and there’s probably awkward conversations

bonus points of he just sort of goes ‘oh my god you can totally hear me use my vibrator can’t you?’

and derek calls him and is like ‘sorry’

bless the maze runner wardrobe department and that henley. particularly the level of unbuttoning for just that littttlleeee peak of dylan’s adorable patch of chest hair

No one is in the theater and I came twenty min early cos I was paranoid it’d be crowded




I’ve found a way to shut you up!!!


I should’ve known it wouldn’t work…


Literally my math teacher abandoned today’s lesson because some kid brought his kitten to school i don’t even know

#omg #cats